.​.​.​is killing me

from by From This Day On



Mixed and mastered by Jason Maas (getawayrecordings/ DEFEATER)
Recorded at Hidden Planet Studios by Jan Oberg
Song written by From This Day On
Lyrics written by Felix Weckowski
Piano written and played by Lara Heussner
Guestvocals by Philipp Müller from Smile And Burn


I see you and everything comes back
I miss those times when you‘re calling me your man
but sure I know there won‘t be an happy end
cause without love it never will make sense
I can see your face, you‘re over there
spotted your shiny eyes in the hectic crowd
and desperate thoughts control my mind
would like to get across, but I rather stay.
I see his hands on your thigh, picture you both in bed later this night
I‘m not strong enough to endure this pain, I‘ve to turn away.
but damn it‘s too late, now you spotted me too
beckon me over to our crew
I know it‘s well meant, I‘m not angry with you
but please understand I can not come over.
so many days have passed by, it‘s almost been two years
and we talked about our status a hundred times by now
I agreed on your decision and tried to realign
I had no real intentions of beeing your old man again
I ( and you) were positive that I‘m over you, alone at last.
(but) from time to time it comes back to confuse my mind
I wish I could bring this to an end.
I wish I could rip it out of my heart
but it was branded in my soul
so deep that I‘ve to admit
I need more time to overcome
I need more time to get over you
that‘s why I decided to avoid your nearness at any time
I‘m yearning for an end
and I know there‘s no more hope now
without love there is no cause
you already have a new life
and I hope I‘ll have mine soon
I wish I will be able to treat you as a friend
when all these painfull memories have faded over time
and I hope there will be that day
when this change will be finished
I hope that day will come
I hope that day will come


from Postscript EP, released October 4, 2013



all rights reserved


FROM THIS DAY ON Berlin, Germany

Emo/Grunge Berlin


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